We are not unfamiliar with the concept of transplanting trees. With this practice, we can give benefits to our properties, especially to our planet. Trees provide many reasons why we need to have them around our property. We know that it will give us fresh air and unpolluted surroundings. Aside from that, it will lessen the energy bills that we have at home, especially during the summer season.  

Research shows that most homebuyers opted to choose a property with trees around. Many choose to have the presence of trees to feel a natural and stress-free yard. Trees can also enhance the landscape that we have within our property. It is one of the major reasons why the owners want to transplant one around their home.  


On the other hand, many homeowners want to get rid of their trees because of the damages and issues. With that, they need to hire someone who can do the task very well and well-accomplished. In terms of tree removal service, the best company to have is the tree removal service Pleasanton. The company offers whatever your trees need and will have. They can provide a licensed arborist and conduct tree transplanting. If you want to remove the tree itself and also the stumps, the company is also the best option for you!  



At this time, let us talk about tree transplanting. If you think that transplanting a tree is easy, then think again. You need to seek guidelines and understand many factors to ensure that the process is safe and well-followed. But, if you want to have a less hassle transaction, calling and hiring our team is all you have to do.  


For your benefits and knowledge, here are the things that you need to do and not to do for the safe and proper transplanting of trees: 

  • The first thing that you must consider when transplanting a tree is the time. You must keep in mind that there is a perfect time for transplanting. Usually, you can transplant when the ground and the dormant`s conditions are best. Also, some months are best for transplanting, and you should learn from them.  
  • The next thing that you should do when you plan to transplant a tree is the location. You need to ensure that the place is suitable for the species of trees you want to transplant. Aside from that, you must secure that the tree will not cause complications to your property when it grows and becomes bigger. 
  • Before tree transplanting, you must remember that younger and mature trees undergo different ways during transplanting. They also need different maintenance and care from the owners. 
  • If you plan to transplant trees, ensure that the tree you are about to transplant is free from stress and deterioration. The chances are high that it will die and would require removal afterward.   
  • During transplanting, your trees lose roots. In this manner, you need to keep them hydrated before the process starts. It is a must to give them a good supply of water for their advantage. 
  • After transplanting, make sure that you water the trees. Also, you need to wrap them with a tarp to avoid damages caused by winds and excessive moisture loss.