Bed bugs are described as a smell household pest that is somewhat red and brown in color, does not have wings, small and changes in size depending on how much they have fed. They are called as bed bugs because they can live and infest on the bed that you are sleeping on but you can also find them in the crevices of your home especially on the cracks on your floor or furniture. These pest only attack at night and they are fast moving especially when hungry. These bed bugs are not capable to neither fly nor jump but there bites can be allergic to other humans but they do not carry any deadly diseases. Springfield professional bug control services can attest to the effects of bed bugs to the homeowners or hotel guests.

You might be wondering what might cause the presence of bed bugs on your home. The answer to that is very simple. Bed bugs can be found on different places such as your luggage, used bags, old furniture, old clothes or anything that you bring in and out of the house. In hotels, they can also transfer from unit to another through crawling in between spaces and crack because of how small they are.

To avoid carrying bed bugs in your home, never ever put your luggage on the floor, in the bed or in a dark closet. You may put your luggage on stands intended for them to avoid getting bed bugs from the hotel. When you arrive home from your trip, disinfect your luggage and wash all the clothes; used or unused and keep them in a hot dryer. And if you bring anything new or old into your home, make sure that you check the crevices for any signs of bed bugs.

When you are bit by a bed bug, it will create a red bump on your skin and it will itch, some people can even have allergies on these bed bugs bite. You can also see signs of blood stains on the bed and some of their skin when you closely look at your bed or mattress. This is the time that you can surely conclude that you have a bed bug problem in your home.

If your bed mattress already has signs of bed bugs, throw them away and purchase a new one. Make sure that you keep your beds from the side of the walls and away from any other old furniture. Also, this is the time for you to clean your home and your bedroom since you might have a corner in your home that has a nest of bed bugs. In cleaning up, do not forget to look under the bed and even on the springs of your bed to check for bed bugs. Use a vacuum so that it will be easier for you to reach a small area. Do not forget to wash the old sheets and put them in a very hot dryer for thirty minutes or more to ensure that there will be no bed bugs left on them when you use these sheets again.

Those were just very simple tips but they will surely be of great help to your bed bug problem. Stay on these tips and tricks to conquer bed bugs in your home. Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!